The Green Slime (1968) DVD


The Green Slime (1968)
Director: Kinji Fukasaku

The Green Slime opens with a 60s, psychedelic rock theme song that repeats the title of the movie over and over again as the chorus. It’s a real 60s swinger written by Charles Fox who also wrote the music for Barbarella (1968). The story opens with scientists blowing up an asteroid heading towards Earth, carries on with “people disappearing off a space ship” and culminates into a “guys in space suits floating in space shooting at aliens” battle.

Ex-Toho employees designed both the special effects and the monsters. By 1968, they must have been seasoned art directors. By seasoned, I mean you can no longer see the strings on spaceships and asteroids. It was a magical time for moviemaking; people weren’t so concerned with whether or not things would burn and smoke in space. This film exhibits the best of late 60s special effects and is laden with bright colors and stylish spaceships. This low budget sci-fi movie combines all the best plot points of Armageddon (1998), Alien (1979) and Moonraker (1979). The Simpson’s aliens also closely resemble the aliens in this movie leading me to believe this is one of the most influential sci- fi movies ever. –Billups Allen


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